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It was during the Paris 2nd Global GOPIO Convention - 1992, Sponsored by Overseas Indians in France - NRI & Cosponsored by National Federation of Indian - American Associations - NFIA, GOPIO Founder President created the: VISHAL BHARATHI Award & the title of Bharathi JYOTHI (Light of India).

Click to know about our GOPIO Global Paris Resolution.

Click to know the Press Note after the 2nd GOPIO Global convention under the cheif Patronage of Indian Prime Minister Narshima Rao. Now a day, Govt of India, the Ministry of Overseas affairs along with CII organizes the Pravasi Bharathi Divas every years from 7th to 9th January , as 9th Jan s date of return of Mahatma Gandhi to India.

Since 1992, we had honoured by our Award & title, Many top civil servants of Govt of India, the captains of Indian Industries, and United Nation top, officials: Indian Ambassador in France His Excellency Shri C.V.Ranganthan (grand-son of Divan of Travancore ), Shri S.K.Sharma IPS Minister Consular, Embassy of India in Paris who then become joint-Secretary in the PMO in New Delhi; Lord Swaraj Paul MP(UK) who came to preside our Youth Convention of 2nd GOPIO; Shri A.L.Sharma, Acting Director General of UNESCO Paris (United Nation Education ,Scientific & cultural Organization) Dr. Lalitha Masson MD (USA) World famous Gynaecologist & Obstetrician in New York ; Dr.Inder Singh President NFIA, Dr Vinod Sethi, Professor of law in Delhi University & Secretary General of Captial Foundation in New Delhi ; Shri S.K. Modi - Industrialist in Delhi ; Shri Sanjay Singh Dy.Chief of the Indian Embassy Paris who is now Secretary East in the Ministry of External affairs New Delhi ; Lord Dilgit Singh RANA Member of House of Lord(UK).

Latest Award Winners:

A very special GOPIO Award was given to Lord RANA, President of GOPIO International (UK).

Dr.Alain Cassam CHENAI, the best Indian origin industrialist in France of the year, Chairman & Managing Director of a French Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Firm Mr.Balev Singh, the best Indian restaurant of the year.

Madame Issoufaly, the best Indian origin woman professional of the year; After her marriage with Dr Issoufally & after having 2 children she joined the Paris University and got a professional degree and she is now successfully running her medical practice and healing French speaking children in speech therapy. We felt to encourage her brave sense of duty.


Vishal Bharathi Award and Title Bharath Jyothi is conferred on Statesman Scholar Dr.Karan Singh M.P , Born heir apparent to Maharaja Hari Singh & Maharani Tara Devi of Jammu & Kashmir . Dr Karan Singh was catapulated into political life at the early age of 18, when in 1949, he was appointed Regent by his father on the intervention of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. There after he was head of the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir for the next 18 years as Regent. Earned Doctorate from Delhi University by writing a thesis on the Political Thought of Sri Aurobindo, thus reaching the apex of a brilliant educational career , educationist who for many years has been Chancellor of Jammu & Kashmir University and Jawaharlal Nehru University,and currently of Benares Hindu University. In1967, at the age of 36, Dr Karan SINGH joined the Union Cabinet Minister headed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. As Minister in Union Cabinet of India having held portfolios such as Tourism and Civil Aviation, Health and Family planning, Education and Culture, he had left a lasting imprint and won adoration in his long standing career in Parliament by being repeatedly chosen by people to Lok Sabha in 1967, 1971, 1977 and 1980 elections and currently is in Rajya Sabha functioning as Deputy Leader of Congress Parliamentary Party. As a minister, he created a marked impact by his vision and dynamism. A Statesman,diplomat as Ambassador of India in USA during Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi prime ministership.and veteran Parliamentarian, author of countless books on political science, philosophy and a great Bard in English ,is also a composer of devotional songs in his mother tongue Dogri and a connoisseur of Indian classical music. Dr. Karan Singh is recognised as an outstanding thinker and leader in India & abroad. He is a renowned orator and lectured in five continents on philosophy, and culture, politics and environment, education & Vedanta. He is now the Chairman of Auroville Foundation with the personnal rank of Central Cabinet Minister. He is also the Executive Member in the governing board of UNESCO in Paris & representing India in the UNESCO. Now , he is the dynamic & talented President of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).He was awarded Padma Vibushan,a high civilian award by thePresident of Indiain 2005 and Global Organization of People of Indian Origin feels honoured by presenting this His Excellency Dr Karan SINGH . We wish him now a very good health & long political carreer at the helm of the country as he is still a young man going round the world and also within the country in India from East to West & from North to South.

Vishal Bharathi Award and the Title of Bharath Jyothi is conferred on Litterateur Navalar. N. Nandhivarman , a humanist , socio-political activist, ideologue of Dravidian movement , bi-lingual poet, orator, writer having four decades of unblemished public life who strives for establishing a world without beggar’s outstretched palm, the miser’s heartless stony stare, the piteous wail of want, the pallid face of crime, the livid lips of lies , the cruel eyes of scorn, a race without disease of flesh or brain, a land where life lengthens, fear dies, joy deepens, love intensifies, and man regains his dignity as expounded by Aringnar Anna.

Vishal Bharathi Award and the Title of Bharath Jyothi is conferred on Monsieur. Pierre Elouard in recognition of his visionary approach in architecture with grandeur and his achievements in promoting group of French restaurants and Hotels in Pondicherry and Chennai in India with classical style and energizing cuisines earning everlasting appreciation of visitors.
Monsieur Pierre ELOUARD, is recently elected as Executive Vice-President of the Indian Chapter of Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture for Europe-India-Africa (CCI-EIA ). He is also an active Vice-President of the "Association des Français Expatriés en Asie" (AFEA) Inde-Russie-Chine-Asie du Sud-Est et Océanie)-Association of Overseas French in Asia.
We appreciate his full involvement, his talent, and his dynamism. This award in appreciation of his dynamism, dedication in chosen fields of research, creativity winning successes in fields of architecture, arts and devotion to music. The hospitality and loving care with which he nurtures his customers deserves special mention.

Vishal Bharathi Award and Title of Bharath Jyothi is conferred on Monsieur. Bernard Wacheux who excels as violinist and musician imparting training and teaching to aspirants in musical pursuits. Having set his foot on almost every continent, he conquered the hearts of music lovers wherever he went playing his violin and performing orchestras along with his own group the French Soloist. After his performance in 1988 wherein he brought French music in immaculate perfection, he was awarded as the top French Soloist.
He became the President of French chapter of European String Teachers Association [ESTA] Sir Yehudi Menuhinand is Chairman for Europe and from him he learnt the nuances of musical performance. Since past three years, Bernard Wacheux had revived and infused life into the Madras Chamber Orchestra with due help from other musicians.
After he conducted the first Madras Chamber Orchestra, he was flooded with invitations all over North India where he won people’s appreciation for his perfection. Monsieur Bernard WACHEUX, is the member of European- based Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture for Europe-India-Africa (CCI-EIA).We appreciate his devotion to the culture & music industry.

Vishal Bharathi Award and Title of Bharath Jyothi is conferred on Dr.P.Kangueane B.Tech –
Industrial Bio-Technology of Anna University, Ph.D in Bio Informatics of Singapore National University who is an internationally renowned Scientist having developed computer based predictive technologies [peptide based vaccines] for application in several infectious diseases like HIV-1, AIDS, HCV, EBV etc. Educationist, Founding Editor of Bio Information, promoter of open access scientific publications, Author of several Bio-Informative books, research articles. Entrepreneur and socially inclined towards agricultural farming and research

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