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There are over 28 million People of Indian Origin (PIOs) residing outside India. This sizable group of Indian people has constituted a new global community. In general, the people of Indian Origin became highly educated and successful in their business and in their Professional activities. Very often, their Professional expertise and their financial power will benefit not only the people of Indian origin but also India. By pooling their resources together, they can play a great role or help in case of crisis to their community around the world.

With these aims & objectives in mind, in 1988, we have focused in London the GLOBAL ORGANIZATION OF PEOPLE OF INDIAN ORGIN (GOPIO) with the help of few friends from London namely Prof satrughan Darbari, Mayor Sinna Mani, Lady Flather, Lord Rana who was not lord at them.

The Mayor of Westminster had presided over that inaugural session of GOPIO. Thus an apex organization of people of Indian Origin came into picture. When we had in mind about this organization, we had the opportunity to talk to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He advised us to meet Dr. Karan Singh who then the Indian Ambassador to us in Washington DC and to Dr. Syed Mohamed, former Union minister of state for Law who was then High Commissioner of India in UK in London. Then we met Dr. Karan Singh in Washington DC & DR Syed Mohamed in London and then we founded in 1988 in London this prestigious GOPIO Organization which is to-day recognized by the UN.

On 28 August to 3rd September 1989, we together joined in New York, Manhattan and organized the first global Convention of people of Indian Origin (1st GOPIO) under the chief Patronship of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, The PM had delegated Shri Madhava Rao Scindia to inaugurate the first Convention of GOPIO in New York and Dr.karan Singh as the ambassador of India in Us has delivered the keynote address .This is still fresh in our memory since 1989.

This conference gave us an opportunity to share the experience of international Indian communities on a common forum and to foster harmony with a feeling of brotherhood and fellowship among the People of Indian Origin. Very large number of delegated, nearly 4000 PIOs attended the 1st GOPIO Convention in New York. We were all united under one umbrella, the GOPIO. Govt of India looked it as a great achievement.

In this convention, we have discussed and debated various problems related and faced by people of Indian Origin. We have submitted to the Govt of India and many are resolved. It also provided suitable forum to voice their concerns.

In 1991, Mayor Augustin BENOIT was elected in Stuttgart (Germany) By the Steering Committee of GOPIO, to organize the second Global Convention of people of Indian Origin in Paris (France) In July 1992; he organized the 2nd GOPIO in Paris (France). This convention is done under the Chief Patronship of Prime Minister PV Narashima RAO. Top Indian Industrialists and central govt officials and Reserve Bank Executives all attended the 2nd GOPIO in Paris under his leadership.

Then in 1993, the 3rd GOPIO was held in Montreal (Canada) and so on.

Now, there is a GOPIO organization Serves Indians around the world.


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